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Sun-Rise English School (SRES) was established in 2044 BS. Its first location was at Krishnapur. With the motive to facilitate students of the school, it was shifted to Bharatpur ?10, behind Birendra Multiple Campus. In 2049 the school came under a new management with a vision to impart quality education to the children inculcating the modern and scientific methods of teaching accepted world- wide. The new team consisted of 11 educated and trained teachers.

Soon the school began to exert its unique existence in and around the district. In its new management the school began with 142 students but the increase in the numbers of students gave the school a new challenge to provide more secure and spacious environment .

By the year 2054, the school was already a familiar name in and throughout the country with more than 1000 students reading from the grade Nursery to Class Ten.

Worried by insufficient land and narrow classrooms the School Management body decided to take its bigger family to a new and wider place behind Bharatpur Airport. Within the area of two and a half bighas of land, the school is now convenient and enviable place of learning.

SRES has now about 1787 students studying currently. It has four academic blocks for junior, middle and secondary wards with separate administrative management. The school also has a Multi-purpose Hall, canteen, clean drinking-water system, computer lab, well-equipped library, and various departments for the smooth running of school activities. Infirmary, transportation, hostels for both boys and girls, are some more facilities provided by the school. Students are encouraged, at the same time , to pursue their hobbies through different kinds of sport activities. Football ground, tennis court, basketball court are important part of the physical aspect of the school which has been drawing attention of large part of conscious guardians of the Chitwan district.

The school entered its third stage of its development in 2061BS. With the new educational policy, SRES is now a part of Sun Rise School Chitwan Private Limited. In its new tapestry, the school has achieved even more professional and economic thrust by the new management. The school is now an owner of two and half bighas of land of its own and the possessor of sound academic history.

Academically, SRES has been recognized as one of the best schools in Chitwan district. The district education committee declared SRES the best school in 2058 and 2059 consecutively. In 2058 the school bagged top tenth position in the SLC examination in the country.

To turn this school as a more social organisation by including more school staff to own it, the number of shareholders of the company has been increased from 11 to 31. All the added shareholders are qualified teacher, With the strength of its shareholders and good wishes of its well wishers, the company has prepared a master plan to shift SRES from present leased buildings to its own modern facilitated buildings. The company is now wholly oriented to complete the master plan which is going to be executed right from this year.


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News and Events

New construction on progress

New building of SRES has been on going it construction phase. The location of SRES building is Pipal Chowk, Krishnapur, Chitwan.

Mathematics Workshop

Mathematics departments of SRES has conducted a workshop program for class 10 Student on mathematics. The program was coordinated by school principal MR. Tek Bd. Shrestha.

Summer Camp 2070

Summer Camp 2070

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