Rules & Regulation

Admission is taken on prescribed registration form available from the school. Preliminary tests and interviews are necessary before the admission. A child in Nursery should 3+ years old and one year older for other classes respectively. SRES has moderate course fee system. All the fee descriptions for the Academic Year can be obtained from the account section.
To admit a child in the school hostel, a separate form should be taken from Account Section. The form then should be filled and submitted back to fee counter after getting recommendations from Hostel Warden.

Fee Rules

1. Tuition Fees are charged for all the months of the academic year.
2. An early written application is required for the transportation facility. At least three months' fee are charged in case if with drawal from the service.
3. A written application with sound reasons and the approval of the Transportation Department Head should be submitted at Account Section if the student wants to discontinue the transportation service.
4. Exam fee is charged separately in the month of examinations.
5. Students should produce admission receipt as well as Clearance Certificate from the school to withdraw the deposit.
6. No reduction in fees will be made for the running month.
7. Late fees categories –
i. No charge will be made for the running month.
ii. If the fees are not paid before the eighth of the next month, nominal late fee charges will be made.
iii. If the fees are not paid even after the end of the 3rd month, the name of the student will be struck off the attendance register. The school will not be compelled to allow the students in the classroom.
8. Students, whose accounts fall into arrears for more than 3 months, will have to seek new admission on payment of all dues, late fees and re-admission charge.
9. A rebate of 1.5% will be provide if the monthly fees are paid in adcance.

Hostel Fee Rules:

1. Hostel fees must be cleared within the current month of avoid the additional charges.
2. If all the fees of the session is paid in advance, a discount of 2% will be granted.
3. No reduction in Monthly Fees will be made even if the student is partially present within the month.
4. In case of leaves longer than a week, or 15 days or 30 days, only mess charge of that period will be reduced.
5. No any part of paid fees is refundable if the student leaves the hostel in mid-term.

Requirements for Boarder Students:

a. All textbooks
b. Clothes
All boarder students are required to bring the following items of the clothes along with the school uniform.

Boys Girls
Items No. or pairs Items No. or pairs
a.Shirts/T-Shirts 3 a.Shirts/T-Shirts 3
b. Pants/ Half pants 3 b. Pants/ Half pants 3
c. Sweaters /Jackets 2 c. Sweaters /Jackets 2
d.Woollen caps 2 d.Woolen caps 2
e.Mukhlar(winter) 2 e.Shawls(winter) 2
f.Knickers 2 f.Knickers 2
g.Towel 1 g.Towel 1
h.Handkerchief 3 h.Handkerchief 3
i.Inner Vests 3 i.Inner Vests 3
j.Shocks 2 j.Shocks 2
k.Trousers 2 k.Trousers 2
l.Sport Shoes 1 l.Sport Shoes 1
m.Sandals 1 m.Sandals 1
n.Hostel Uniforms 2 n.Hostel Uniform 2
o.Umbrella 1 o.Umbrella 1
.   p.Chemises 2

c. Beddings:

Beddings of the following sizes and categories are fixed by the hostel management. Students can bring either their own beddings or they can use beddings provided by the Hostel Authority on payment of Rs. 1000 per year:
a. Mattress (2.5'x6' )1
b. Quilt1
c. Quilt cover1
d. Dari1
e. Bed sheet(Plain white)2
f. Pillow1
g. Pillow cover(Plain white)1
h. Mosquito net (Plain white)1
a. School bag1
b. General bag(big)1
c. Tooth brush1(monthly)

General rules related to Hostel:

a. Guardians are requested to make the arrangement of the set of required clothes and beddings before a child is admitted in the hostel.
b. Students are not allowed to keep the items of the clothes other than the ones fixed by Hostel Authority.
c. The hostel can ask for any extra new items of the clothes such as hostel dress, sportswere etc, if necessary.
d. The Hostel Authority strictly prohibits any kind of make ups, hair styles, ornaments inside the hostel premises.
e. Only the persons registered as visitors and parents in the admission form can meet and take their wards home under the permission of the Hostel Warden.
f. At the time of bringing their wards back to the hostel, the visitors are required to meet the Hostel Authority.
g. The Hostel cannot arrange telephone contacts between the guardians and their wards except in urgent cases.
h. Guardians are expected not to bring any kind of food items for their wards in their visits.
i. Guardians are required to take their wards home during Dashain, Tihar, Summar & Winter holidays.
j. Guardians are required to take their wards home in case of their serious illness.
k. The hostel provides first aid treatment to the students. However in the case of serious illness, guardian are liable for the doctors' fee and other treatment expenses.
l. If any student is found violating hostel's rules, causing any physical loss or damaged of the hostel properties, the hostel authority can either expel the students from the hostel or impose compensation charges. In cases of expulsion, guardians can't claim reimbursement.

School Uniform:

Students are required to wear following prescribed school uniform during school hours and different school programmes.

• White shirt with dark blue pants
• Blue sweater (v-neck)/blazer coat
• Blue socks and black leather shoes
• School tie
• School belt
• Blue Moffler, Blue woolen cap during winter

• White shirt with dark blue skirt / pants
• Blue sweater(v-neck) /blazer coat
• Blue socks and black leather shoes
• White ribbons
• School tie
• School belt
• Blue Moffler, Blue woolen cap during winter

Note to the Guardians:

• Guardians are requested to look into their children's school homeworks everyday.
• Students should be encouraged to care their books, uniforms and maintain their cleanliness.
• Guardians are requested not to allow their children to come to school until they recover completely in case of their illness.
• Guardians are requested to visit the school and enquiry regarding their children's activities and progress.
• Guardians are ever welcomed for their valuable suggestions and co-operation extended in time.

Note to the Students

• Students should present a neat appearance in the school.
• The school uniform must be worn in the classes and school functions. A child who is not properly dressed may be expelled from the classroom.
• 80% attendance is compulsory for the final examination.
• No one, who is late or has been absent on the previous day, will be admitted to the class without an application with good reasons from the guardians.
• The parents or guardians should make application for special leave in advance to the Principal.
• The school restricts unusual clothes, make-ups, valuable articles, large amount of money, etc.
• The students are encouraged to bring homemade food for their Tiffin's.


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