Clubs :

Different clubs have been formed under the supervision of Extra Curricular Activities Head. The aim of these clubs is to provide better opportunity to the students possessing different hobbies. Students can take the membership of these clubs at the their choice.

Extra & Co-Curricular Activities :

Special attention has been given to the Extra & Co-Curricular Activities at SRES, Students are divided into four houses. Programmes are conducted house-wise. Every student is encouraged to take part in these activities according to his/her interest. Sports, Physical fitness, Music, Stage (Acting, Dancing, Singing), Quiz, Spelling Contest, Essay Writing, Debate, Elocution, Extempore Speech, Drawing, Martial Arts are regular activities organized by Extra-curricular Activities Department.

Nepal Junior Red Cross Circle :

NJRC Sun-Rise has proved itself as a very active part of school activities. It conducts various programmes through its own resources. It encourages the students in the activities like social awareness programmes, health and sanitation campaigns, blood donation programme and helping with cash and necessary materiaals for the ictim of natural disasters and calamities. Due to its dedication to the service it has been adjudged first in Chitwan district in the year 2058, 2059 BS and the school's principal , Teacher sponsors are rewared for their valuable contribution.

Blood Donation Programme:

NJRC Sun-Rise has been running open blood donation programme from its establishing year. Thousands of sick, injured and needy people are benefeted by the blood collected by the school's NJRC.

Student Publication :

SRES students publish different types of magazines throughout the year. 'SRES Souvenir' is published once a year to proved students opportunity for creative talent in writing. The additional publications of quarterly magazine, wall magazines, JRC Bulletins are made to enhance literary taste and creativity in students.

Student Government :

SRES has formed a committee consisting number of Prefects and Head Prefects. A unique atmosphere of discipline and decency has been maintained in the school premises. These prefects meet at regular interval of time to solve various problems inside and outside the classroom under the supervision of Disciplinary In-charge.


Sunrise Calender

News and Events

New construction on progress

New building of SRES has been on going it construction phase. The location of SRES building is Pipal Chowk, Krishnapur, Chitwan.

Mathematics Workshop

Mathematics departments of SRES has conducted a workshop program for class 10 Student on mathematics. The program was coordinated by school principal MR. Tek Bd. Shrestha.

Summer Camp 2070

Summer Camp 2070

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