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Basic Education (Grades I to VIII)

Basic Education programme comprises grades I to VIII; its objective is to help every child appreciate and understand as much as s/he can of the human achievement in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and the arts. Focus is on preparation of every child to face the world of rapid change and unforeseeable demands. The teaching and learning methodology being interdisciplinary, the motto behind all this is to ensure maximum growth of each learner. The curriculum has been exclusively framed for the School. The curriculum enables every child to acquire the basic skills of learning and mastery over them. High academic levels are maintained right from the lower classes to enable the students to face the challenges of the outside world confidently and competitively. The curriculum tries to address the individuality of students and does not confine itself to academics. Sports and activities are integrated in the curriculum. At the end of class VIII, pupils appear for their Basic Level Examination (BLE VIII) and the successful ones are admitted to two-year SEE programme of study.

Secondary Education (Grades IX to XII)

The Secondary School comprises grades IX to XII. Learning from this level onwards is not only interdisciplinary in its approach but also focuses on exploration and journal based learning. Importance is stressed on independent learning and developing these skills in the learner, apart from emphasis on project based learning. Children are also involved in hands-on learning and are involved in community development projects, as linked with the other subjects of study like Science and Social Studies. At the end of class X, pupils appear for their Secondary Education Examination (SEE) and the successful ones are admitted to two-year SLC (School Leaving Certificate) programme of study. SLC formerly known as +2 is the most popular program opted by students after completion of their SEE (10th standard). Students can choose from streams such as Science, Management and Humanities, depending on what they would like to study further.

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