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Message from Chandbagh

Message from Unit Head

Welcome to Sun-Rise English School

Once you visit and observe the school, you will comprehend about its environment, infrastructure and pedagogy. We believe in holistic development of students. We are a progressive learning institution; our vision and mission is to develop and transform individuals and prepare them to face the challenges of this millennium.

Since its inception in 2044 B.S., we have worked on the principles of learning by doing, providing rich pragmatic experience in and out of the classroom to produce creative and critical thinkers. Our approach is interdisciplinary, experiential and collaborative. We encourage our students not only to explore the world of knowledge but also its ethics, behavior and etiquette. We expect our students to grow up as a self-dependent, self-reliant and self-managed adults. They should be able to move ahead in this globalized world armed with distinct personality, confidence and maturity.

We have well-experienced faculties along with strong management who are able to take care of your ward’s needs and aspirations.

Our school falls under the umbrella of CG Education. It believes in four fundamentals; Academics, ECA/ CCA, Discipline, Values & Beliefs for overall and holistic development of students. CG Education has its own pedagogic system and through this system it envision to create vibrating and dynamic learning culture for students. This strongly entrenched belief that human beings are life-long learners are inculcated in the minds and hearts of SRES students. Indoctrinating life- longing learning habit is the prime vision and mission of CG Education and SRES.

Last but not the least, we would like to invite you to learn more about Sun-Rise English School Your visit and interaction will give you on the field experience of our school and its working environment. On behalf of SRES, let me welcome you once again.

Thank you,

Shiva Kumar Bagale


We create stimulating educational environment to promote wonder and curiosity that motivate a student to explore learning in and beyond the classroom and throughout life.

Shiva Kumar BagalePrincipal