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About Sun-rise English School

Sun-Rise English School is a co-education school from NURSERY to Grade TWELVE, with English as medium of instruction, embraces students from all walks of life and variety of different backgrounds.

Years of Establishment
Enrolled Students

About Our School

Established in 2044 with a sole purpose of catering quality education and with a proud history of 30 years in service to education, the School successfully initiated Higher Secondary in 2074 and has been able to preserve the quality in higher education as well.

Sun-Rise English School is presently managed by CG|Education System, one of the verticals of Chaudhary Group. CG|Education System is committed to meet the demands and challenges of the educational scenario while focusing on academic, sporting, cultural and artistic excellence thus ensuring the best in quality and holistic education to children.

World-Class Education

Sun-Rise school exposes students to a world of knowledge through well-established holistic curricula, incorporating a modern international approach to teaching, learning, and skill-building.

Motivational Services

The School performs regular motivational and counseling classes for needy students/children.

Individual Integrity

Sun-Rise School emphasizes virtues and values alongside academics. Students and staff strive to demonstrate innovation, self-expression, and diligence while maintaining respect, empathy, and honesty.

The Teaching Module

Chaudhary Group Education Educational Model [CGEEM] is a unique home-developed teaching and learning manual for CG Education schools. This model caters to the educational needs of 21st Century learners.

Our Mission

To be a center of academic excellence at its best.

Our Vision

To be recognized as an educational institution providing preprimary to postgraduate level education in order to produce value based, highly skilled and innovative manpower to meet national and global market need.
Home For Quality Learning Experience

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Take a tour in Sunrise and you will find the best school in the state. The video will take you to every places in this school.

Teaching Module
Holistic Development

School Surroundings

The school rests in the outskirt of the city in a peaceful, spacious and open site – the apt setting for a school and away from the crowded cities of today. The school has a large playground for sporting and leisure activities. The school is housed in a spacious building with a state-of-the-art facility. The school is committed to provide the best and latest in education as per demands and challenges of the emerging educational scenario. Thus the emphasis is not on teaching but learning.

The Teaching Module

Chaudhary Group Education Educational Model [CGEEM] is a unique home-developed teaching and learning manual for CG Education schools. This model caters to the educational needs of 21st Century learners. CGEEM philosophy is based on simulation of whole mind and diverse intelligences. It stands on four strong foundation pillars and they are Academics, Discipline, ECA/CCA and Values & Beliefs.

CGEEM is developed as a teaching tool for educators. The main purpose of CGEEM is to ensure that our institutions classrooms change from teaching to learning centres. Through CGEEM our expectation is to ensure that our graduates are academically sound, physically healthy, mentally balanced and socially aware. We believe that through CGEEM we can deliver total quality education.

Holistic Development

We firmly believe that every child is unique. S/he has distinctive personality, traits, interests, preferences, values, attitudes, strengths, and weaknesses. The educational curriculum must be able to help every child find and develop his or her true potential. Our educational system has all the tools to ensure that each child’s uniqueness is explored and no child is left behind. In order to achieve this, we have multi-pronged activities that will activate holistic development of students.

Basic Education

Grades One to Eight


Secondary Education

Grades Nine & Ten

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